What some of our program graduates have told us...


H.   K.   C.   L.   G.
 "I love the people at MYA - the love and time they put into me. This place is more than a second chance at life; it is a blessing!"    "MYA is a great place to re-start, but you should forget what you think you know and be open to learn. I learned to take ownership."   "If I never came here, I would probably be somewhere much worse. I am thankful for coming to MYA!"   "I liked that the staff wasn't going to give up on us, that they kept trying no matter what. MYA will change your life if you let it!"   "I liked that I had a huge support system. Staff really care about you and you don't get into trouble for having problems. Rather, you get the help and support you need."
J.   J.   L.   R.   J.
"MYA is a great program! There are people here who treat you like you're their own kid!"    "This is a place to work on your problems and not play around. You're taught the way you should do things in life."     "MYA helped me become mentally strong. I learned to respect people and authority. This program helped me become a man!"    "MYA is a good place to work on your problems and also to have a lot of fun, if you allow it."    "I liked the relationships I got to build with peers in my group. Working and earning group privileges helped me become more social."
S.   D.   D.   C.   L.
"MYA really offers a lot of help. I've been to other residential centers and really none of them compare to MYA. The staff really care about you here!"   "MYA helped me to find the real D. everyone was looking for! I liked that I could depend on positive peers for help."    "MYA has been a big thing for my life because they helped me realize that I have problems but I can work on them and get stronger."    "MYA helps you learn to work on past problems and new problems too, and to recognize that some things are just petty."   "MYA is the best place to send a teenager that is really disrespectful toward authority. It helps you to realize your real problems.
J.    A.   A.    D.    D. 
"If you have to be in a treatment facility, this is the best! I was at two other placements before MYA and no one there cared about your well-being and success as much as Dr. Hall and all the staff at MYA!"   "I like that we got the skills and tools to help ourselves. MYA's program will work if you let it. It's a great program if you let the staff help you."   "The people at MYA care about you. Coming here helped me learn to invest in other people too, not just myself."   "I liked that this program takes a different approach to treatment. I was rewarded with positive reinforcement, recreation and privileges, as well as an overall sense of pride in myself."    "What I liked most about the program is that the staff cared about me!"


D.   K.   J.   J.   B.
MYA honestly changed my life! I worked through my problems and that made me a better man. You helped me recognize that all decisions have consequences - either good or bad, and that integrity goes a long way! I will forever be a Spartan!”
MYA turned me from a weak, heartless, selfish person into someone who forgets to help himself because he is too busy helping others!”
  “MYA is strict, but fair. You helped me stay safe for a long time. Thanks."   "You didn't give up on me! I loved it here because everyone cared!"   
"One of the best programs I've ever been to! You gave me a new chance at life!" 
 S.     W.              
“Days when I’m down and out, I reflect on everything you all taught me. I keep going, finding the positive and doing my best to live up to the 90/10 and keep making you proud. When I came to MYA, I was rude and just a punk, yet you still decided to give me a shot. Thank you for that, seriously!   "You believed in me but didn’t let me get away with anything! The staff and treatment team was by my side the whole way. MYA helped me become a good son, a good father and a great boyfriend! If it wasn’t for you teaching me RUMMI BBEST and The 7 Habits, I don’t think I would be where I am at this point in life: working full time and a father of 2 kids!