Independent Living Skills

All youth in our program receive independent living instruction through daily routine, chores, counseling sessions, educational program and in-house independent living sessions. Our youth receive in-house lessons from the âPhillip Roy Encyclopedia of Basic Employment and Daily Living Skillsâ. Along with skills learned from daily routines the youth learn the following lessons:

Learning these skills empowers a student to function with greater independence.
Bathroom Care (8 lessons) Laundry Skills (6 lessons)
Concepts (10 lessons) Light Housework (11 lessons)
Floor Care (8 lessons) Moving Objects (4 lessons)
Heavy Cleaning (7 lessons) Sorting (5 lessons)
Kitchen Care (13 lessons) Tool Use (18 lessons)
Skills for independence are the competencies required to lead a semi-independent life.
Appearance (6 lessons) Reading (6 lessons)
Clothing (11 lessons) Safety in the Community (6 lessons)
Community Resources (5 lessons) Safety in the Home (7 lessons)
Emergency Situations (3 lessons) Safety in the School (6 lessons)
Food Preparation (9 lessons) Telephone Use (7 lessons)
Health (6 lessons) Time (8 lessons)
Interviewing (8 lessons) Travel: Bus (6 lessons)
Legal Rights/Responsibilities (3 lessons) Travel: Car (4 lessons)
Money (8 lessons) Travel: Neighborhood (5 lessons)
Paycheck (4 lessons) Travel: Prerequisites (5 lessons)
Personal Care (6 lessons) Travel: School (4 lessons)
Personal Information (2 lessons) Travel: Subway (6 lessons)
Work adjustment teaches the student how to: respond to authority and supervision; correctly interact with peers and co-workers; have good work habits, behaviors and attitudes.
Adaptability (3 lessons) Punctuality (5 lessons)
Attitudes (5 lessons) Respect (4 lessons)
Communications (6 lessons) Safety (5 lessons)
Compliance (3 lessons) Sexuality (6 lessons)
Concentration (8 lessons) Social Interaction (5 lessons)
Inappropriate Behavior (3 lessons) Work: Quality (5 lessons)
Independence (5 lessons) Work: Quantity (2 lessons)
The student will become proficient in performing a variety of necessary jobs in a work setting.
Assembly (3 lessons) Inserting & Folding (4 lessons)
Bagging (4 lessons) Labeling (3 lessons)
Building Maintenance (21 lessons) Packaging (3 lessons)
Collating (5 lessons) Sealing (5 lessons)
Cutting (4 lessons) Sorting (3 lessons)
Grounds Maintenance (9 lessons) Stacking (3 lessons)
Horticulture/Greenhouse (7 lessons) Stapling & Paper Clipping (7 lessons)
The student will be able to enter the job market, get a job, and keep the job.
Automotive Service (11 lessons) Horticulture (9 lessons)
Building Trades (5 lessons) Hotel Housekeeping (15 lessons)
Building Maintenance (21 lessons) Laundry Services (12 lessons)
Food Services (20 lessons) Office Skills (9 lessons)
Furniture Refinishing (4 lessons) Outdoor Maintenance (11 lessons)
Homemaker Services (11 lessons) Warehousing (4 lessons)
These lessons will make the student aware of a wide range of leisure time activities that can be done throughout life.
Active Activities (8 lessons) Lunch & Break Time (4 lessons)
Community Activities (7 lessons) Passive Activities (5 lessons)
Crafts, Hobbies, Games (5 lessons) Personal Business (3 lessons)