Many children and adolescents contend with behavioral problems associated with impulsivity. Impulsive behaviors are out-of-control, unplanned behaviors that may result in harm to self or others. Some of the most common impulsive behavioral problems Mohican Youth Academy encounters include: explosive anger and aggression, fire-setting, stealing, self-abuse, or unpremeditated sexual behaviors. In children, these types of problems are often associated with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, disruption in family relationships or circumstances, and other mental health concerns. Regardless of the cause, impulsive behavioral problems can cause significant stress for individuals and their families. Mohican Youth Academy provides effective intervention and treatment for these issues by taking a holistic approach in treating the youth and his family. In combination with individual, family, and group therapy, as well as other time-proven components of the program, Mohican Youth Academy teaches youth how to effectively manage their emotions and behaviors by modeling exemplary problem-solving and relationship skills.