Frequently Asked Questions

What types of children are served by Mohican Youth Academy?

Mohican Youth Academy serves male youth who are in custody of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, due to abuse or neglect. MYA also servesÂmale youth that have been committed to the Department of Youth Services.

The majority of the children have experienced situations within the judicial system. However, please keep in mind that these children are severely disadvantaged. They come from broken, dysfunctional homes where they have experienced abuse and/or neglect. They have received little or no parental support, supervision or structure. They have not been provided the opportunity to witness positive role models within their environment.

How long do the children reside in the program?

Mohican Youth Academy's program consists of a progressive, individualized treatment plan that generally requires six to eighteen months for successful completion.

What is the process for placing a child at Mohican Youth Academy?

Children first are put in the custody of the Department of Youth Services or Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for placement. Assessment is completed to determine the best placement for the child. If the child is deemed appropriate for admission to Mohican Youth Academy, based on the admission criteria, the respective department assigns placement.

Are the children who are admitted to Mohican Youth Academy just from the state of Ohio?

Yes. Currently Mohican Youth Academy is only admitting boys from Ohio.

When was Mohican Youth Academy established and why?

Mohican Youth Academy was established as a treatment-oriented child caring program in 2006. The purpose of the program is to provide disadvantaged youth the opportunity for a "second chance". A second chance to learn from their mistakes and to grow in a nurturing environment.

What education services are provided?

Mohican Youth AcademyÂprovides an on-site educational program tailored to meet the needs of each student. This program consists of intense teacher-student interaction and special education opportunities.

What is the purpose of Mohican Youth Academy's long-term treatment program?

The purpose of Mohican Youth Academy is to help children recognize and then change the attitudes and behaviors that contributed to their placement in our program. We strive to build positive self-esteem and develop the skills necessary to deal with their problems in an effective, efficient manner.

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Does Mohican Youth Academy accept Juvenile Sexual Offenders?

Mohican Youth Academy is certified to treat Juvenile Sexual Offenders. Twenty percent or less ofÂMohican Youth Academy's population have committed sexual offenses. The majority of the population atÂMohican Youth AcademyÂis comprised of children who come from broken homes or dysfunctional families. As a result, these children may have had involvement with truancy, running away, unruly behavior, and/or substance abuse beyond parental control.