Mohican Youth Academy offers mental health services, drug and alcohol treatment and juvenile sex offender treatment.Â

We have four full-time mental health therapists, one full-time drug and alcohol therapist and one full-time juvenile sex offender therapist. ÂThe youth are put into the appropriate group based on their needs.

Child counseling is provided through three distinct areas: individual, group and family. Individual child counseling is provided a minimum of one hour per week with additional sessions when requested by the child or deemed necessary by the treatment staff. Group counseling is provided one hour per day, five days per week. Family counseling is provided twice per month during visitation.

Various treatment methods are utilized to ensure the successful progression through the program. Methods include Positive Peer Culture, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Life Space Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution.

Upon entering the program, each child receives a comprehensive Individual Treatment Plan (ITP). Each ITP is individually tailored to address the specific needs of the child. Every 90 days the ITP, along with the child's treatment progress, is reviewed and modified if necessary.

Once the child reaches the mid-point of the program, focus is adjusted to include family and community reunification.