Graduate Success Stories

  • BBBEST at its best: B.'s Story

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    When sixteen-year-old B. came to MYA almost three years ago, he was full of fear and mistrust. His aggression at home led to previous unsuccessful placements, and his anger seemed to be ruling his life. It was keeping him from obtaining the one thing he really wanted: love and acceptance from a new foster family. Today, B. has that loving foster family. "They treat me like I'm their own son," B. shares. As he prepares to turn 19, he is holding down two jobs and saving for college. Read More
  • Turning Trouble Into Triumph - T.'s Story

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    After earning his STNA from Ashland Community and Technical College, T., a former Spartan, began work as a nurse assistant through a medical staffing agency in north central Ohio. He is set to graduate from Life Skills High School. T plans to continue his education in order to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. Read More