Mission, Philosophy and Purpose

The mission of Mohican Youth Academy is to create an opportunity for children to make positive changes in their attitudes and behaviors in order to become productive members of society.

The philosophy of Mohican Youth Academy, âEvery child deserves a second chanceâ, is the foundation of our program. Our philosophy places emphasis on the present and combines social learning theories and behavior management to create a basis of structure. Structure is developed through setting limits, routine consistency, and the overall process of normalization.

In order to effectively implement our purpose, changing problematic attitudes and behaviors to socially acceptable ones, our purpose is two-fold: preventative and transitional. Preventative care addresses the treatment and modification of nonproductive, unacceptable behavior in order to prevent further out-of-home placements. Transitional care enables a gradual transition of adjustment that allows our children to successfully return to family and community life.


"Mohican has provided a level of stability that I think most other group homes would not have been able to do. Each of the boys that we have placed there have unique and challenging behaviors and your program works through those one challenge at a time."

"I like the self esteem building piece used for all the boys and the responsibility focus."

"I am very pleased with the dedication and guidance your staff has provided toward the youth and their families."